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GatorMania Panel - Shared screen with gallery view
Solange Douglas
Welcome to GatorMania Everyone! As a reminder, please turn off your video sharing and mute yourself for the duration of the event. Additionally, pardon any technical difficulties as we move forward. Thank you!
Solange Douglas
Note: We are recording this session. If you do not desire to be recorded, you are welcome to view the recording at a later date and of course continue to participate in the "zoom room" tabling at the close of the panel. Please connect with Stella Kim or Andrea Drausal for any questions you may have as well.
Stella Kim
Social media is a great way to navigate involvement!
Stella Kim
Gator Connect is going to be the hub of all student organizations and their information — https://orgs.studentinvolvement.ufl.edu/Organizations
Andrea Drausal
To find research opportunities, these are great resource https://cur.aa.ufl.edu/research-opportunities/ https://www.eng.ufl.edu/graduate/about-us/undergraduate-research/research-projects/
Stella Kim
Sounds like it’s a good idea to build those relationships with professors!! They are so excited to help students.
Solange Douglas
You can visit GatorWell's 8 Dimensions of Wellness Website and the office as a resource for coaching on finding balance and being successful throughout your time at UF https://gatorwell.ufsa.ufl.edu/health-topic/8-dimensions-of-wellness/#:~:text=dimensions%20of%20wellness.-,The%20model%20that%20GatorWell%20uses%20is%20adopted%20from%20the%20SAMHSA,obstacles%20to%20their%20academic%20success.