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Extension Connections - Shared screen with speaker view
Daniel Cromer
Good morning all
Jeri Shell
When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as participants
Bill Schall
The landscape industries in Florida, even without related pest management industries are probably as large as all of those industries we are surveying combined. They are a huge audience for IFAS. Any plans to address that industry?
Jeri Shell
When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as panelists
Ed Jennings
Will this gathered information be used by USDA, FDACS, etc or will they be surveying producers too ?
Pete Vergot
Did we get feedback from real farmers?
Darryl Palmer
Can you put number ranges in to the boxes?
Why is aquaculture lumped with livestock?
This is an excellent walk-through of how best to complete the survey. Where will the link to this recording be posted for distribution to Extension Directors/Agents?
Darryl Palmer
What safeguards are in place to assure that the data is secure?
Amy Vu
Thanks so much for all your effort! The survey looks great. I’d love to see something about commercial beekeepers and pollination as well. Honey is minor compared to the pollination contracts our commercial beekeepers have throughout the state. I know our commercial beekeepers have not really bought into IFAS and not seeing anything about beekeepers does not really give them incentive to fill this out. They are feeling left behind and forgotten. =)
Ron Rice
"Horticulture Crops" slide could be "Horticulture Crops Losses" to match the preceding slide logic of "Field Crop Losses"?
Jeri Shell
When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as panelists
Wael Elwakil
Is this a phone screen friendly format?
Jeri Shell
When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as panelists
Jeri Shell
When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as panelists
Liz Felter
Any chance that nurseries can be added to the types of operations that are in parenthesis?
Liz Felter
Many greenhouses are measured in square feet do you want them to convert to acres?
Yvette Goodiel
The survey seems really pretty comprehensive, esp. for growers, and the data could be helpful in many ways beyond the normal damage reporting for aid (e.g. future food system improvements, etc.). It also asks for a lot of info from the farmers, which is good, but also means we need to make sure they see the benefits of completing the survey. How will the survey results be used and communicated?
Jeri Shell
Francisco....When adding chat be sure to include attendees as well as panelists
Sarah Bostick
Suggestion: bold "2019" and "2020" on questions so that if someone skims the question, they will be sure to notice if they are answering a pre-COVID question.
Wael Elwakil
Agree with a previous comment, this is very extensive and some growers may not finish it because of the length and the scope of questions it is requiring
Laura Tiu
Good idea @Sarah Bostick, you could color code as well.
John Lai
@Wael Elwakil - I'll definitely add some formatting examples into the survey, that should help survey takers
John Lai
@Jonathan Crane - I'll make that text darker and higher contrast - thanks for the feedback
John Lai
@Darryl Palmer - No, its best you don't put in number ranges. For example, don't put in 24-26 acres. It's best to just enter 25 only.
In shellfish aquaculture, if you are post-harvest processing (from prior survey) then you a wholesaler dealer as well. So would that buusiness also complete this survey?
John Lai
@Liz Felter - Yes, go ahead and add that as well.
John Lai
@Liz Felter - For greenhouse square feet, we thought about that and decide it would overcomplicate the column (and take up too much space for mobile respondents) so answer in the acreage conversion.
John Lai
@Ron Rice - I'll double check the wording on the slider to make sure its consistent. Thanks!
John Lai
@Wael Elwakil - Yes, it is mobile/smart device friendly. We took extra effort to make sure it fits on the a small screen. However, not all questions were able to fit but these cases were few in number.
John Lai
@Sarah Bostick - Yes, I'll go through the survey and bold those aspects (I think we did on some but might have missed a few!) Thanks.
John Lai
@Wael Elwakil - Yes, it may look exorbitantly extensive but in this slide show, I wanted to show everyone every side branch the survey takes. That does not mean the respondent will see every single question. Our intention is to be able to receive responses from survey takers who might be in all kinds of diverse situations. In reality, they may only see about 50% of what I showed. We cut back on several questions entirely and some follow up questions were relegated to the end in case they want to answer a few more questions. We definitely want to be respectful of everyone's time!
John Lai
@Laura Tiu - We wanted to avoid color coding for any survey takers who might have difficulties with seeing colors. So we are just trying to keep it all black and white. I will increase the contrast of the survey and make the text darker. We also made the buttons bigger so that it is easier to answer the multiple choice questions.
John Lai
I'll defer any other questions to Dr. Court. :)
Eric Cassiano
I’ve heard this comment come up a few times and agree what will the data be used for? Will it be made available to the producers and trade associations for financial compensation? The answers to these questions will help us as an incentive for producers to complete the surveys.
John Lai
@Gleen Israel - I'd be happy to hear your recommendations. I will need to check with Dr. Court regarding what our window is to submit final changes to IRB. Thanks.
Andrew Ropicki
Leslie - yes we would like for post harvest processors to also complete the wholesale dealer survey.
Angie Lindsey
Thank you! Great job!
Can you provide boiler plate language for all to use in promoting this survey to our industry groups? Great job!!
Ron Rice
Outstanding effort here by Christa, John, Andrew!