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Dr. Bin Gao - 01-22-21 - Shared screen with speaker view
AJ Reisinger (he/him)
Thanks Bin Gao! You spoke about antibiotic removal by biochar. Have you worked with other pharmaceutical products? Given the wide range of chemistries (e.g., high variability in Kow), do you think that biochar would be consistently effective across contaminants? Or would there be opportunities to specialize the biochar production process towards other targeted pharmaceuticals?
AJ Reisinger (he/him)
Completely understand the analytical and resource limitations. Thanks!!!
Andrew Zimmerman
Can ball milling be done economically on industrial scale?
Xiaoping Xin
Thanks Dr. Gao. as you work on both biochar and carbon nanomaterials, based on your understanding which is more promising?
Xiaoping Xin
just share your opinion on these, since I work on nano carbon now, and I was told nano carbon is also very cheap
Xiaoping Xin