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Day 1, Room 2: Digital Data Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Brad Ruhfel
Trying to with sessions but the wiki isn’t available. It gives an error
Brad Ruhfel
Switch sessions...
Brad Ruhfel
“Permission denied:
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
With session are you trying to go into
David Bloom
Q&A is set so that only the host and panelists can see the questions and their responses. Any way to change that so the rest of us can see them?
Brad Ruhfel
back up now!
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
Great question David Bloom, we will look into this.
Joe Miller - GBIF
@adania Not yet, that is important work to do
Alnycea Blackwell
Are you able to see the questions now?
Claude Nozeres
Could GBIF clustering be used to predict species occurrences through duplicates? Same location, same collector, etc but different names (different identifications, or updated taxonomies for some)?
Gil Nelson
Brad Ruhfel 11:13 AMCan this be used on a large automated scale, i.e. for large collections as a tool to improve their data and reduce transcription/geref work?Sarah Davidson 11:14 AMGreat to see you are working on this. Are you working on a way to merge/update/filter records so a user could limit data to a single copy of duplicated information?Jorrit Poelen 11:16 AMThanks for your presentation Joe - very exciting work on linking related records! Where can I find more about the nuts and bots of the clustering algorithm? Can I run the algorithm independently outside the GBIF infrastructure?
Gil Nelson
Q&A ques above
David Bloom
I can see I have access to them, but I can’t see previous questions. Thanks for the cut/paste! I’m sure as new questions come in I’ll see those. Thanks you.
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
There are currently four unanswered questions to Joe in the Q&A. Ive asked Joe to answer them live in the Q&A so all attendees can see the responses.
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
Bryan, you are at the 8 minute mark- 2 minutes left on your talk.
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
Bryan, you are at 10 minutes. You are now entering your Q & A time.
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
Bryan, 2 minutes left on your entire 15 minute session
David Bloom
It’s working. Thank you.
Kimberly Cook
Taxon concept mapping could maybe help with that kind of work :D