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Town Hall on the Screen, Test, & Protect program - Shared screen with speaker view
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Molly Nyren, MS2
To clarify, what is the infectious period for someone with COVID-19 PRIOR to symptom onset, 2 days?
Emily Loe
How often should we consider being screened given our exposures at school?
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
I understand why 3rd and 4th years are considered essential, but why are 1st and 2nd years considered essential?
Elizabeth Acevedo Zapata
are there any indicators (besides losing taste) that can help identify COVID vs just a regular cold, now that flu season is coming around ?
AJ Winer
How should we approach returning home for Thanksgiving following our preceptorship?
Emily Loe
What kind of safety nets are in place to ensure that the follow up work w/ contacts is being put in place? I've heard of a close friend's experience getting categorized as 'not cleared' and then 'cleared to return' without any additional follow up being done?
Krizia-Ivana Udquim
Will we need to be tested/screened when we return from Winter Break, similar to how we had to get screened prior to starting in the summer?
AJ Winer
Thank you!
Emily Loe
This was a while ago, it might have been part of the bug. We all got tested anyway and were negative!
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
I know some other schools have “pods” of people that they interact with, do you recommend implementing something like that in the college of medicine to reduce possible exposures?
Molly Nyren, MS2
Can anyone speak a little bit to this vaccine? I have family members who are treating it like by Christmas things will be "normal"; does anyone have an idea on a timeline to consider?
Emily Loe
For us, it would be easy to use our CLG groups as our LAC groups to minimize exposure since that wouldn't involve any real logistical changes
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
But that’s my concern - I have classmates making bad choices and I’d prefer to be exposed to only 8-10 of them instead of a variety of people in anatomy and LAC
Molly Nyren, MS2
I made my mom cry yesterday...
Molly Nyren, MS2
That is very encouraging, thank you!
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
What do you recommend if we take the bus to campus and other rides are not properly wearing a mask?
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
Some of us don’t have the choice and we have take the bus to school
Rachel Baker (she/her/hers)
sorry one more question - is there a way for us to get more updates on cases, especially cases in the college of medicine? That way we can see trends