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SHARC Research Seminar - Dr. Karen Ingersoll, University of Virginia - Shared screen with speaker view
Rob Leeman
Melissa Welch, PhD, LMFT (she/her)
Thank you this was great!
Mark Britton
I’m wondering if you could say a little more about uptake and use among people with more limited technological literacy
Melissa Welch, PhD, LMFT (she/her)
I had to step out for a minute so I'm sorry if you already covered this. Did you track any barriers to engagement with the app? Anything that could be adjusted for better engagement in the future?
Deepthi Varma
is it possible to adapt this app.to any disease condition? or is it specifically build for HIV?
Mark Britton
Thank you!
Stephen Ramos
Fantastic presentation, Dr. Ingersoll. I was hoping you could speak a bit more of how the community was integrated into the research design process - I believe you mentioned the community naming certain aspects of the applicataion. Were these community stakeholders integrated to the research design?
Nichole Scaglione
Such an impressive and exciting portfolio of work. Thank you!