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South Florida Vegetable Growers Meeting: Fumigants and Systemics - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Aerts
Xavier - what about potential insect management effects of "physical" barriers such as kaolin in combination with things like the essential oils?
Xavier Martini
Thank you for your question. We indeed have done good progress in mixing kaolin (surround) with essential oils such as limonene. Kaolin is repellent by contact, while some essential oils are repellent through the olfactory system. Therefore, you act at two different levels and obtain additive repelency when you combine them. In addition, kaolin adsorbs oils, meaning that it acts like a sponge and allow essential oils to remain longer on the plant that without kaolin. Our trials show that you can reach the same level of protection than conventional insecticide if the abiotic conditions are good (kaolin ten to be washed off by heavy rain). This is the article we published on the topic. Do not hesitate to contact me xmartini@ufl.edu and I will be happy to give you more information on this method. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261219422000011
Craig Frey
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Craig Campbell
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Anna Meszaros
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Tito Zuniga
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Very good presentations.
TJ Swaford
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