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May Epi Seminar-HealthStreet: An Epidemiology Research Lab with and for the Community - Shared screen with speaker view
Krishna Vaddiparti (He/Him/His)
Have you assessed to see if your efforts/presence in the community improved trust? If not done I think it is important to assess change in trust.
Catherine Striley (she/her)
Yes we have, Krishna, in a couple of different ways. We aren't showing other ways today though.
Krishna Vaddiparti (He/Him/His)
I am curious about the findings on improvement in trust. It is good if there is data to show that your presence in the community changed community perceptions. There is nothing like that.
Thomas Pearson
Is there a reference population from which the very useful Healthstreet cohort has been drawn, to assess the participation or selection biases in the cohort? How generalizable is this population?
Krishna Vaddiparti (He/Him/His)
Great talk all. Keep up the good work.
Catalina Lopez-Quintero
Thank you for all the great work and nice presentation.