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FLREC monthly seminar series. March: B. Bahder - Shared screen with speaker view
John A. Harris
How do the initial frond dieback visual symptoms DIFFER between LB and Ganoderma (before any fungal conk growth is observed for fungus)?
Nancy Rechcigl
Any detection in the rachis or petiole?
Henry Mayer
how far from the disease palm do you recommend to inject? also what is the OTC rate per palm?
Henry Mayer
any relation with the vector and Saint Augustinegrass?
Michael Orfanedes
Brian, while transmission from nurseries may be occurring, how do you explain the explosion of LBD on roadside sabals along the FL Turnpike in the Lake Worth/West Palm Beach area? Will there be a protocol for managing spread in the landscape where the vector is already thriving?
Joe Floyd Jr
Could you send presentation out to us to review with our team.
John A. Harris
Asking FDOT and their roadway maintenance contractors to ID the LD in the RoW palms and include regular sanitation removals, same for municipal or county RoW maintenance departments, is needed. How is IFAS and FL-DACS communicating the importance of this with FDOT?
John A. Harris
We see LB on older, been there for years, Sabal Palms, not just new plantings along the turnpike. Basically, in the less maintained edges along fences and drainage ditches/canals.
Lori Lowers
We understand the important of preventive injection of OTC. Have we any info about whether or not a tree can contract LBD after injections begin?