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Bite-sized Science-Water Quality Management in Florida - Shared screen with speaker view
Brittany Hall-Scharf
Thank you for joining us. We will begin shortly.
Maia McGuire
Thanks for joining us--we will be starting in a couple of minutes!
Maia McGuire
Brittany, will you please mention at the end that we have one last bite-sized science webinar next Tuesday--we only have 5 people registered so far :( It was a fairly new addition to the webinar lineup... Thanks! You might also mention that we are taking a short hiatus and currently planning the format for these webinars for the fall :)
Brittany Hall-Scharf
will do
Brittany Hall-Scharf
what is Tuesday's topic?
Maia McGuire
Phosphorus detection and Water Quality Improvement--presented by 4 undergraduates from UF