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Faculty Development Seminar: Stress Management - Shared screen with speaker view
Marybeth Horodyski
Happy Anniversary!!!
Jennifer Hunt
I like to talk about delegating domains instead of delegating tasks. This means delegating the management of the job as well as the job itself. Then, you don’t have to keep managing it after you have moved it off your plate.
Mariam Rahmani
Good point, Jennifer
John Trainer, MD, FAAFP
Timely and useful. Very specific advice. Thank you both!
Lisa Greene
My email is lmerlo@ufl.edu for anyone who would like the slides
Regina Bussing
Thank you for joining us, and thank you, Dr. Zimmerman for offering these sessions!
Andrea Macias Mendoza
Are there any books you would recommend/any favorites of yours? always looking for more to add to my reading list
Lisa Greene
"Mind Over Mood" is a great workbook to learn/practice cognitive restructuring. "10% Happier" is a great book to learn more about meditationAlso "The Mindful Physician"