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UF College of Nursing BSN Virtual Convocation - Shared screen with speaker view
Kyle Chambers
We're all set. For all speakers, please mute your mic and video when you are not speaking. Thank you so much!
Kyle Chambers
Hi everyone, please use the Q&A function rather than the chat.
Kyle Chambers
Regular chat has now been enabled.
Kyle Chambers
Please feel free to keep sending great questions!
Abigail Islam
I thought the information about the housing disparities among minorities was super interesting. I think that plays such a huge role regarding access to health care and healthy food options.
Anne Dillard
Thank you Dr. Hassmiller.
Jaeson Alcoriza
I really appreciated the report’s focus on nurses and the burnout and lack of appreciation that contributes to nursing’s high turnover rates. This issue really exacerbates the nursing shortage and should be addressed.
Kelly Mas
Health disparities are going to be a defining issue for our generation, thank you for this excellent presentation outlining so many aspects of nursing care!
Katie Quan
I found it encouraging that you guys addressed the racial disparities in healthcare and mentioned the movements over the summer.
Emma Titus
It is sad that school nurses are underpaid. They play a critical role in Child development
Isaac Kehinde
it resonated with me how little diversity there is in nursing leadership
Jessica Winters
Thank you for the presentation. This topic is the reason I wanted to be a nurse. Everyone deserves to be given the level of care that they need and not just what the standard is. I’m passionate about diversity and truly knowing your patient.
Briah Thomas
Although we come a long way with diversity, with the information you provided and disparities you pointed out, we still have a long way to go.
Kelly Mas
I also thank you for taking such a firm stance on matters that are seen as controversial or political in nature. As healthcare professionals it will be our responsibility to be objective in our care and education.
Kyle Chambers
Jay will be giving a heads up on time in the chat for the coming presentations while I run the PowerPoints.
Susan Hassmiller
As nurses we must all take a firm stance on the health of our public. How can we do otherwise?
Aleesha Travis
Well spoken thank you so much! I am proud to be a nurse and to be a Gator RN.
Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini
please let them know that we will keep with the webinar
Noel Phanord
Will there be a recording of this zoom? My connection is causing the audio to cut out.
Kyle Chambers
We will be proceeding into the next phase of the presentation shortly.
Kyle Chambers
Hi Noel! Yes, a recording will be available.
Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini
check the EMBRACE program https://nursing.ufl.edu/students/student-groups/embrace-program/
Arianna Moolchand
thank you!