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BRAIN Building: PM&R Overview - Shared screen with gallery view
Erica Dale
Hello there! I just wanted to reach out as a voice from the basic science crowd (I come from the SCI/Breather ilk) and say that we all look forward to the development of this new department and I know a lot of us have a strong interest in facilitating the cross-talk and collaborations to come!
Carolyn Geis
Thank you for that comment!
Kevin Vincent
Thank you Erica, please keep in touch with us as we develop the department. Particularly with Dr. Aguirre arriving in September, she is an SCI specialist!
Erica Dale
Will do!!
Dana Otzel
I'm looking forward to potential collaborations as a preclinical and clinical SCI researcher at the VA!
Joshua Yarrow
I agree with Dana, we have a solid SCI research program at VA (both basic science and clinical research).
Joshua Yarrow
We are definitely interested in future collaborations related to musculoskeletal rehabilitation in the SCI population
Gordon Mitchell
Any number of interventions in SCI, Stroke and TBI from the pre-clinical side: transcuaneous stimulation, therapeutic acute intermittent hypoxia, ampakines, Hyperbaric oxygen and several others. All are supported here by NIH R grants, and many are already along the path to human translation, yet there is more to do!
Kevin Vincent
Thanks Josh! we are going to need to make a list of everyone so we can reach out and make sure we develop these research collaborations!
Carolyn Geis
Thank you all, My email is cgeis@ufl.edu for those of you that would like me to connect you to Dr Aguirre our new SCI PMR doc, please send an email and I will connect her to you.
Kaitlin Abbott
Goal setting and mindfulness are often addressed by occupational therapy in conjunction with functional daily activity. There may be an opportunity to collaborate in research there. Overall as well, functional activity outcomes are an area that OT can help to monitor, assess and intervene with.
Karen Hegland
I can see many opportunities for collaboration with my department (SLHS) - language, speech, swallow, airway protection problems present in many different patient populations.
Tinu Olarewaju
Hi. A lot of what I'm hearing appears to be a dualisation of roles of PT. can you clarify how the PMR speciality differs from PT and how both work in a system? I'm a foreign trained PT so I'm still getting used to the US system.
Gordon Mitchell
Exactly! We are stronger in the basic science side, but need more clinical partnerships
Kevin Vincent
We have an Integrative Medicine Center Directed by Dr. Estores who would be great to intersect with regarding mundfullness and goal setting. Dr. Estores is also a trained SCI PM&R doc!
Yenisel Cruz-Almeida
I am wondering if there are opportunities for standardized pain assessments across these conditions, clinically that could further inform research to further study the various pain types in these multiple populations (SCI, Stroke, others).
Dorian Rose
I am definitely interested in intervening in the cardiovascular system for our patients post-stroke. How can we keep our patient's post-stroke in the presence of disability so as to prevent a second stroke? They need "cardiac rehab" but because of movement impairment that piece of rehab is often overlooked.
Kevin Vincent
Kevin Vincent
ask about activity or rehab for post-cva patients, we had a grant to study that
Daniel Ferris
One of the factors that often determines the long-term success of a collaborative research project in the PMR domain is the ease and numbers of recruiting of a specific patient population. Can you comment on what types of patient populations you think would be the easiest to recruit for large scale studies? As an example, we have a really hard time recruiting lower limb amputees in Gainesville for prosthetic limb studies. Thanks.
Rus Bauer
I apologize but I have to leave to go to the UF side for some patient care. Looking forward to great science-practice collaborations!!
Alexis Hall
Can you please share more about how you utilize exercise for people after a stroke? There was a question in the chat from Tinu Olarewaju, which is one I've often heard on the nursing floor. People often confuse PT and PMR. Sharing more about your grant in that area may help.
Gordon Mitchell
I think Dan’s question is a very important one. That has also been a limit for us.
Karen Hegland
Does your group have regular seminars or grand rounds meetings? I ask because it might be a nice way for interested collaborators to present their research in order to facilitate connections between people with common interests.
Nancy Schaefer
Has interest been expressed or potential collaboration discussed with engineering faculty for creation/improvement of assistive/augmentative technologies?
Dorian Rose
Thank-you! Great work and perspective!
Gordon Mitchell
PM&R talks can/should be advertised through BRAIN, BRETHE, Fixel and MBI mailing lists. That will help.
Erica Dale
@Nancy- I will say at least from the basic science research, there are active collaborations with engineering. So at least there are some peripheral interactions already ongoing so it should be a good next step to move to clinical!
Daniel Ferris
Thank you for the great information! Good luck with the department! I am happy to help in any way you need, and look forward to future collaborations.
Kimberly Sibille
Great presentation, thank you, really exciting, congrats on the new Department!
Alexis Hall
Thank you! A terrific dynamic here.
Kate Casey-Sawicki
Please join us online on Sept 17th. Register here: https://bit.ly/3sj5Uza
Carolyn Geis
Thank you Alexis and agree!!
Kevin Vincent
thank you everyone
Kevin Vincent
please rech out to heather r I for collaborative opportunities
Carolyn Geis
Thank you for your thoughts and comments Daniel!
Kevin Vincent
Kevin Vincent
Andrew Dubin
looking forward to collaborations
Carolyn Geis
Thank you Kimberly!
Joshua Crow
This is very exciting stuff…thank you so much for the preview! I can tell you of at least one postdoc is looking forward to you adding more faculty positions in the future.