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Bite-sized Science-Manatees - Shared screen with speaker view
Maia McGuire
Go ahead Laura
Victor Blanco
No. They have only one stomach. They have a long intestine to help get the nutrients from their feed...
Brittany Hall-Scharf
manatees have a digestive system like a horse and it takes 7 days for the food to pass through their system. No they do not have 4 stomachs
Brittany Hall-Scharf
they have a cecum this is the track that leads to the large intestin it is bilived its the same size as a horses. the cecum is needed to help eliminated the bacteria that can be on its food otherwise it can make any animal(from Leannah)
Victor Blanco
Seals are included in the Pinnipeds and Manatees are Sinerids...
Victor Blanco
MAY 7TH, at 4PM the Marine Animal Rescue Webinar will host Dr. Walsh who is the expert on marine mammals...
Victor Blanco
FWC WILDLIFE ALERT HOTLINE 1-888-407-3922. Call or text the UF MARINE ANIMAL RESCUE HOTLINE 352-477-0344
Brittany Hall-Scharf
remind people not to touch but to take directions from person on the hotline