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Day 1, Room 2: Digital Data Conference - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Alnycea Blackwell
Welcome to the first day of the Digital Data Conference! Questions for the speaker should be entered into the Q&A dialog throughout the talk to be answered after the speaker is finished; no questions will be taken from the chat; if bots or other bombers or improprieties appear in the chat, it will be disabled. Thanks!
Bryan McLean
Hey hey
Elspeth Haston
Joy of online conferences, is that I was able to just try this out whilst listening to the talk. Really nice tool to find herbarium specimen duplicates in other institutes - even this is really useful.
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
2 minutes left on your entire 15 minute session
Diego Barroso
Is the code used to find clusters in the data publicly available?
Adania Flemming (she her hers)
Some museum databases linked to GBIF already link a given occurrence record to DNA sequences, images, publications, etc. Does GBIF currently capture these data and assemble them into a cluster?